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FOX CHASE [1]. Old-Time, Bluegrass; Breakdown. USA; Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky. An imitative piece in the repertoire of fiddler Gid Tanner (north Ga.), of Skillet Lickers fame. A tune by this name was also played by Muhlenburg County, western Ky., fiddler Ted Gosset (b. 1904), who learned it from a neighborhood fiddler (the first whom he considered a superior musician) named Charlie Jones. Gosset became famous for the tune, and it provided the name for Gosset's band when they played over WFIW, "The Fox Chasers." Two fiddling brothers vied in the 1880's for the office of governor, Alf and Bob Taylor, and each took his fiddle with him during the campaign and played for the crowds--Alf helped popularize "Fox Chase" (Wolfe, 1997). Not only a fiddle tune, "Fox Chase" is also known as a banjo song for which a special tuning is employed. Iowa fiddler Dwight Lamb told Mark Wilson: "Quite a few Missouri fiddlers used to play it without putting in the high part and called it 'Redbird (The)'. Cyril [Stinnet, a Missouri fiddler] had an extra part to that version that I don't play" (Rounder 0529). "Fox Chase" is printed in R.P. Christeson's Old Time Fiddler's Repertory, vol.2 (1984), as an unnamed tune.

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Recorded sources: Gennett 3022 and Svt 4010-B (78 RPM's), Jess Young (Tenn.) {appears as "The Fox Chase Reel"}. Morning Star 45004, Ted Gosset's String Band (western Ky.) - "Wish I Had My Time Again" (Originally recorded Sept. 1930 and issued on 78's as: Gnt 7308, Vrs 5090, and Ch 16116 under the group name Ted Gossett's Band; Spr 2655 as by Buddy Young's Kentuckians; Spt 9738 as by Marvin's String Band). Rounder 0529, Dwight Lamb - "Hell Agin the Barn Door" (2005. Learned from Nebraska fiddler Bob Walters). Rural Records RRCF 251, Curly Fox {Ga.} (1970).

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