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X: 2 T:Fox Family Reel M:C| L:1/8 C:as played by John Arcand 7/2004; NW Fiddle Tunes S:Chords by Trent Bruner R:Reel H:As presented by John Arcand, at the July 2004 "Fiddle Tunes" Festival at Port Townsend WA. Z:Transcription by Kristin Smith, Phil Katz K:Em GF|"Em"E2 B,E GBAG|"D"FDFA d2 GF|"Em"EB,EF GBAG|"D"FD D2 D2 GF |! "Em"EB,EF GBAG|"D"FDFA dAFA|"D"GEFD "Em"EFED|"Bm"B,EED "Em"E2 :|]!: |:(3DEF|"G"G2- GA BGBd|"G (Em)"eged B2 (3BcB|"Am"A2 AB AGEG|ABAG E2 (3DEF |! "G"GFGA BGBd |"Em (G)"eged B2 (3BcB|"Am"A2 AB AGEF|"D7"GBAF "G"G2  :|]!

FOX FAMILY REEL. Canadian, Metis. E minor. Composed by Saskatchewan fiddler John Arcand.

The tune was named for the Fox Family of musicians: Jamie Fox (fiddle), her brother Vince (fiddle), and her father Jim (guitar). They are Metis of the Aaniih and Nakoda tribes, from the Fort Belknap in Northern Montana.

Source for notated version : - NOTATED VERSION HERE

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Recorded sources Keyteck Studios JA-011, John Arcand "Thru the Years" (2005).

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