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FOYNES JIG, THE. AKA and see "Dawn's Jig," "Paddy Taylor's Jig (2)." Irish, Jig. D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB (Harker/Rafferty): AABB (Breathnach, Bulemr & Sharpley). Composed by fiddler Martin Mulvihill, who was born in Ballygoughlin, not far from the busy port of Foynes on the Shannon estuary. Mulvihill emigrated to the Bronx, New York, and became a substantial player and teacher. The alternate title, "Dawn's Jig," is named for Mulvihill's daughter.

Source for notated version: New Jersey flute player Mike Rafferty, born in Ballinakill, Co. Galway, in 1926 [Harker].

Printed sources: Breathnach (CRÉ II), 1976; No. 1, p. 3 & No. 56 (appear as untitled tunes). Bulmer & Sharpley (Music from Ireland), vol. 3, 1976; No. 51. Harker (300 Tunes from Mike Rafferty), 2005; No. 182, p. 57.

Recorded sources: Spin CD1001, Eoghan O'Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, Paul De Grae - "The Smoky Chimney" (1996. Appears as one of "Paddy Taylor's Jigs").

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