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X:1 T:Frank Roche's Favorite T:John Roche's Favorite R:Fling M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G G2GB AGEG|cBce dBg2|BGBd cA (3BAG|EAFA GB (3AFD| G2GB AGEG|cBce dBg2|(3BAG Bd cA (3BAG|(3EGA FA G4|| dgBg dgBd|gb (3agf e3f|(3gbb (3agf (3efg (3dcB|(3cee (3dBd (3gdB (3cBA| dgBg dgBd|gb (3agf e3f|(3gbb (3agf (3efg (3dcB|(3cef (3dBd (3gdB (3cBA||

FRANK ROCHE'S FAVORITE. AKA and see "Blue Bonnet (1)," "Here Awa'," "John Roche's Favourite," "Lady Ann Hope (1)," "Mike Coen's Fling," "Miss Thorntin," "Queen of Clubs," "Roches Favourite," "Woodford Fling (2)." Irish, Fling and Set Dance. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. An Irish fling setting of John Pringle's Scottish strathspey "Lady Ann Hope (1)" or "Miss Hope’s Strathspey." See also reel setting as "Miss Thornton" and hornpipe settings under the titles "Tiger Hornpipe," and Goodman's "Signora Ferze's Hornpipe." Matt Molloy recorded it as "Frank Roche's Favourite," however, it is in the Roche collection as "John Roche's Favourite." In America, the tune was printed as "Blue Bonnet (1)" and "Queen of Clubs."

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Recorded sources : - Claddagh CCF 18CD, Matt Molloy - "Stony Steps." Green Linnet SIF 3041, Matt Molloy - "Stony Steps" (1987). RCA 5798-2-RC, "James Galway and the Chieftains in Ireland" (1986, as "Roches Favourite").

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