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X:999 T:The French Minuet L:1/4 Q:140 M:3/4 K:G D|"G "G2F|"D7 "A2G|"G "B3-|B2D|G2F|"G7 "A2G|"C "E3-|"Am "EFG| "D7 "A2^G|A2B|c3-|cBA|"G "GFE|"D7 "DEC|"G "B,3-|B,2D| G2F|"D7 "A2G|"G "B3-|B2D|G2F|"G7 "A2G|"C "E3-|"Am "EFG| "D7 "A2^G|A2B|c3-|cBA|"G "GFE|"D7 "DBA|"G "G3/2G/G|G"Fine"z/|| M:6/8 DC/|"G "B,D/GB/|d3/2-d/e/d/|gB/cB/|"Am"E3/2-E/A/G/|"D7 "Fd/ d/^c/d/| ed/cF/|"G"G/B/A/ G/F/E/ |"D7"D/E/D/ C/B,/A,/|"G "B,D/GB/|d3/2-d/e/d/| gB/cB/|"Am "E3/2-E/A/G/|"D7 "Fd/ d/^c/d/|ed/cF/|A3/-A3/"G "|"G"G3/-"D.C. al Fine"G2/|]

FRENCH MINUET. Two-Step, Waltz. Key of G. Canada, United States. This dance is neither French nor a minuet, but rather a pattern dance probably of early 20th-century American origin, and popular in Canada. It alternates between two-step and waltz rhythm, similar to the older Rye Waltz and the Butterfly. Either the waltz part or the two step part can be played first.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Apex AL 1641 - Don Messer "Don Messer's House Party" (1966). Imperial 1117 -Betty K and her Tip-O-Tex Boys (1949). Voyager 312 - Grant Lamb "Manitoba Fiddler" (1974). Smithsonian Folkways 8827 -Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, N. Roy Clifton "Old Time Couple Dances" (2004; originally released on Folkways Records 1961). Sunshine Records SSBLP 436 - Reg Bouvette "Drops of Brandy" (1980).

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