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X: 1 T:Tom Friel's D: Mary Mac Namara: The Blackberry Blossom D: Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy Mac Mahon: Clare Concertinas Z: I wrote Mary Mac Namara's version in D Z: despite she plays it in G because it is Described like a D tune in NG's Index of tunes Z: and because it suits more the Uilleann Pipes B: Geraldine Cotter's Tutor for the Tin Whistle R:Jig M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D dcd fed | BdB AFE | DFA fed | efe ABc | dcd fed | BdB AFE | DFA fed | AFE D2A :| |: dcd baf | baf edB | dfb afd | efe edB | dcd baf | baf edB | AFA fed | AFE D2A :||

FRIEL'S JIG. AKA - "Tom Friel's" Irish, Jig (6/8 time). D Major: G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. This jig was composed by Brooklyn-born button accordionist Billy McComiskey, who told New York musician Don Meade that he had intended to play it in competition at the 1971 All-Ireland Fleadh, which was canceled due to "The Troubles." But Billy did play it during a two-to-three-week vacation in County Clare that year, during which time he performed at concerts in Tulla. The tune was apparently recorded informally during this time and adopted and adapted by local musicians. Clare concertina player Tommy McMahon recorded it on the 1975 Topic LP Clare Concertinas, on which it was titled "Thomas Friel's" in honor of the owner, with his wife Maisie, of a famous musical pub in Miltown Malbay, County Clare.

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Printed sources : - Cotter (Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor), 1989; No. 3, p. 46.

Recorded sources : - Topic/Free Reed 2TFRS502, Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon, Clare Concertinas, 1975. Claddagh CCF32CD, Mary Mac Namara – "The Blackbery Blossom" (2000).

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