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X:1 T:Frisk it Freely M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Dance B: Young – Second Volume of the Dancing Master, 1st edition (1710, p. 103) K:A ed|cdcd e2 dc|BcBc d2 cB|cd e2a2e2|c2A2A2 ed| cdcd e2ag|fgfg a2 gf|gab2 fga2|g2e2-e2|| ba|gaga b2 ag|fgfg a2 gf|ga b2c2g2|a2f2-f2fe| dcde f2 ed|cBde f2 ed|cBcd e2 ed|cd e2a2e2|c2A2-A2||

FRISK IT FREELY. AKA - "Friskit Freely." English, Country Dance Tune (cut time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune was published in all four editions of London publisher John Young's Second Volume of the Dancing Master [1] (1710-1728). It also appears in rival publishers Walsh and Randall's The New Country Dancing Master, Second Book (1710), Walsh and Hare's Second Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master (1719), and in John Walsh Jr's. The Compleat Country Dancing-Master. Volume the Sixth (London, 1754).

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Printed sources : - Elias Howe (Musician’s Omnibus Nos. 6 & 7), Boston, 1880-1882; p. 610.

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