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X:1 T:Gallop to Georgia S:Willie Narmour (1889-1961) and Shellie Smith (1895-1968) S:(Carroll County, Mississippi) M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag Q:"Moderate" D:OKeh 45390 (78 RPM), Narmour & Smith (1929) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C AB||Sc2G2 ABcd|e2z2 z2 AB|c2G2 ABcd|e2 z2z2 ef| e2d2 d3e|d2c2 c2 d<c|B2F2B2F2|A3G- G2 dc| B2F2B2F2|A3G- G2EG|A2G2A2G2|E4C4-|[M:2/4]C2 G2| [e4e4][e3e3](c|[d2f2])[c4e4] dc|B2F2B2F2| A3G- G2 dc| B2F2B2F2|A3G- G2EG| A2G2A2G2|E4C4-|[M:2/4]C2z2|| g2 fg a2z2|g2 fg a2z{F}G-|G2 Ac BGAB|cBdc- c2G2S||

GALLOP TO GEORGIA. American, Two-Step (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Recorded by Carroll County, Mississippi, fiddle/guitar duo Willie Narmour (b. 1889) and Shell Smith (b. 1895) in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 1929 for OKeh Records. Allin Cottrell points out that fast accurate playing in the key of C is one of the hallmarks of Narmour's fiddling. The title may have something to do with a hasty trip to Atlanta to record. Narmour and Smith's titles often seem to have been made up on the spot, or in discussion/collaboration with the record company. "Gallop to Georgia" was one of sixteen sides the duo re-recorded for Victor in 1934, and they signed with the new company after the demise of OKeh Records, this time paired with "Dry Gin Rag" and released on Victor's subsidiary label, Bluebird Records.

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