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X:1 T:Galope à Benoit Dufresne C:Philippe Bruneau M:C| L:1/8 R:Galope Z:Transcribed by Steve Fry from U-tube video of Sebastian Deschales & Frank Sears. N:"Chords simplified. Many ornaments omitted. Improvisations omitted." K:D c|:"G"d2 dd ed^cd|BdBG DGBd|"G/B"g3g "Bbdim"f2e2|"D7/A"fd=cA F3^c| "D7"d2 dd ed^cd|edAF DFAd|f3f fedf|ed^ce dBGB| "G"d2 dd ed^cd|BdBG DGBd|"G/B"g3g f2g2|"C"aeee e2 (3efg| "Am7"a2 aa "Bbdim"agfe|"G/B"ggga ge^ce|"D7"d2 fe dAFA|1 "G"GGBd g3^c:| |1 "G"GGBd g3A|:"D"[F3f3] [Af] A/B/AFA|FAdf a3A|F3A A/B/AFA| "A7"GAce a3A|G3G G/A/GFA|GAce g3A|GAce g3A| "D"FAdf a3A|F3A A/B/AFA|FAdf a3A|F3 A A/B/AFA| "A7"GAce g3A|G3G G/A/GFA|GAce g3A|GAce "A7"gece| |1 "D"dBAF D3A:|2 "D"dBAF D3c||

GALOPE À BENOIT DUFRESNE. French-Canadian, Galope (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. Composed by accordion player Philippe Bruneau (1934-2011).

Philippe Bruneau

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See/hear the youtube video of the tune by Sébastien Deshaies & Frank Sears [1]

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