Annotation:Garçon Volage Quadrille (1) (La)

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X: 1 T:La Garcon Volage.(sic) RHu.028 T:Le Garcon Volage. RHu.028 T:Dingles Regatta,aka. RHu.028 S:R.Hughes MS,1823,Whitchurch,Shrops. A:Whitchurch, Shropshire Z:Neil Brookes 2006 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=120 R:Jig K:G Bc|d2de2d|B2Bd2c|A2A AGA|B2G2 Bc|! d2de2d|B2Bd2c|A2A AGA|G4::! g|fef def|g2ed2B|c2dB2c|A2AA2g|! f2f def|g2ed2B|^c2c ABc|d2f/e"D.C."/d2:|

GARÇON VOLAGE QUADRILLE [1], LA. AKA and see "Cats in the Village," "Con Cassidy's Jig (2)," "Harvest Time (1)," "Jim Crow Quadrille (3)," "Lea Castle," "Nine Pins (1)," "Quadrille 2nd Set – La Poule," "Turfahun Barndance (The)." English, Quadrille (6/8 time). G Major ('A' and 'B' parts) & E Minor ('C' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABCC. This quadrille part can be found in the music manuscript collections of the (Thomas) Hardy family (Dorset, 19th century), R. Hughes (Whitechurch, Shropshire, c. 1823), W.H. Giles (Bampton, Oxfordshire, 1839), and is similar to part of an untitled quadrille in the c. 1837-1840 MS of Shropshire musician John Moore (Ashman, 1991). The piece was also entered in the mid-19th century music manuscript of William Winter (1774-1861), a shoemaker and violin player who lived in West Bagborough in Somerset, southwest England. The tune appears under the "Garçon Volage (Le)" title in the Royal Keyed Bugle Tutor, published by Z.T. Purday in London in 1830.

The first strain is nearly the same as that of "Dingle Regatta," and see also the similar opening phrase of "Garland Dance No. 3" of the Bacup Britannia Coconut Dancers[1] See also "Bonny Parts Birthday" (in Sussex Tune Book).

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Printed sources : - Raven (English Country Dance Tunes), 1984; p. 212. Geoff Woolfe (William Winter’s Quantocks Tune Book), 2007; No. 262, p. 98 (ms. originally dated 1850).

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  1. Topic TSCD666, "Voice of the People".