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X:1 T:Gemüthlichkeits Waltzer C: N:From the Uniontown first violin manuscript, Uniontown, Washington, 1892, N:created by William Hamilton Ehlen and Henry Ehlen, members of the Aurora Colony N:in Oregon's Willamette Valley. There is also a second violin manuscript for this waltz. M:3/4 K:D A2|A4F2|d4F2|GzG3B|E4c2|Pc2B2G2|E4B2|PB2A3G|F4A2| A4F2|d4F2|G2G3A|E4c2|Pc2B2A2|A2^GA BA|A4c2|d2z2:| K:A |:EA|c4Ac|e4EA|c4ce|a4fe|d2Bdg2|g4f2|f2e3d|c4EA| c4Ac|e4EA|c4ce|a4fe|dbb4|caa4|Bgg2e2|a2z2:| K:D A2|f4a2|g2B2d2|A6|F2z2d2|c2^B3c|g4c2|e2d3f|a4A2| f6-|f2e2d2|g6|g2z2B2|{B}A2^G2A2|g2c3e|d6-|d2z2|]

GEMÜTHLICHKEITS WALTZER. German, Waltz (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). The first two-and-a-half measures are very similar to the Stripling Brothers' "June Rose Waltz."

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