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GET UP NAPOLEON. AKA and see "Giddy Up Napoleon," "Ebenezer Fry," "Joshua Ebenezer Fry." American, Song Tune. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. Bronner lists two versions of this tin-pan-alley song, one in cut time and one in 6/8 time. The song entered folk tradition soon after its writing, so that early country singer Bradley Kincaid commented "if ever there was a 'hillbilly' song, this is it. I don't know its origin." Bronner (1987) suggests that the tune could have relation to a British Isles "utility" tune used with a number of children's singing games or verses.

Sources for notated version: Dorrance Weir, 1976 (New York State) [Bronner]; Les Weir, 1976 (New York State) [Bronner].

Printed sources: Bronner (Old-Time Music Makers of New York State), 1987; No. 27, pp. 115-116.

Recorded sources: Fretless FR 144, Double Decker String Band - "Giddyap Napoleon" (1980).

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