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X: 1 T: An Ghaoth Anes (Southwind) C: Domhnall Meirgeach Mac Con Mara M: 3/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj dc|"G"B3A G2|B3c d2|"D"A4 AB|A4 dc|"G"B3A G2|"C"ED-D2 E2| "G"G4 "D"GF|"G"G4:|(3d-e-f|"G"g3a f2|g3f e2|"D"d4 e2|d4 c2| "G"B3A G2|B3c d2|"D"A4 AB|A4 (3d-e-f|"G"g3a f2|g3f e2| "D"d4 e2|d4 c2|"G"B3A G2|"C"ED-D2 E2|"G"G4 "D"GF|"G"G4:|

GHAOTH ANES, AN. AKA and see "Southwind," "I have a secret to tell thee." Irish, Air (3/4 time). Ireland, Clare. The air is attributed by Bunting (who prints it under the title "I have a Secret to Tell Thee") to Clare musician Donall Meidhreach Mac Conmara. Hamish Henderson (1971) remarks that the tune is reminiscent of Sean O' Tuama's drinking song "Is Duine Me Chiolas Leann La", which he says is sometimes described as the first setting of the 'Limerick' verse-form.

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Recorded sources : - Shanachie 79023, "Chieftains 3" (1971,1982).

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