Annotation:Gigue à Tommy (La)

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X:1 T: Gigue à Médée (1) (La) M:3/4 L:1/8 D: K:G B2 BB cA|Bd GB AG|B2 AB ce|dB GB AG| BB BB cA|BB GB AG|B2 AB ce|1dB GB AG:|2 d3 g fd|| e2 AB cd|e2 eg fd|e2 AB cd|e2e2 f2|f-g- g2 fd| e2 eg fd|(3eee AB cd|(3eee eg fd|e2 AB cd|ede2f2|f-g- g2fd| (3eee eg fd|(3eee AB cd|e2 eg fd|e2 AB cd|e2eg fa|[M:2/4]g2 DG||

GIGUE À TOMMY, LA. AKA - "Gigue à Médée (1) (La)." French-Canadian, Jig (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBC. A gigue in Québec is a stepdance, and the name attached to a tune simply means a vehicle for stepdancing, no matter what the meter. Source Louis Boudreault learned the tune from his uncle, Thomas Vaillancourt, however, the subject for the tune was "Medea Gagné (who) was a brother of my uncle Utrope Vaillancourt, who was a brother of mom. Amedee was a cultivatur and a good stepper. Y'avait chose the real dancing." Guy Bouchard points out that source Boudreault, like many Québecois fiddlers, changes the number and order of the parts of the tune at each repetition. For this particular transcription the order was AAABBC, AAAAABBBC, AAAAAABBB, AAAABBC.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Louis 'Pitou' Boudreault (Saguenay region, Québec) [Remon & Bouchard].

Printed sources : - Remon & Bouchard (Airs Tordus: 25 Crooked Tunes, vol. 1), 1996; No. 7.

Recorded sources : - Le Tamanoir 512, Louis 'Pitou' Boudreault - "Portrait Du Vieux Kebek - Volume 12." Mille-Pattes BNCD-2036, La Bottine Souriante - "Je voudrais changer d'chapeau" (1988. Appears as "La Gigue à Médée).

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