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GILLEAN OF CROYDON. AKA and see "Mall Peatly," "Moll Pately." English. Heard by John Hawkins in 17th century taverns, or music houses, who disdainfully noted:

...Fidlers and others, hired by the master of the house; such as in the night season werewont to parade the city and suburbs under the title of Waits...Half a dozen of fidlers would scrape "Sellinger's Round"," or "John, Come Kiss Me," or "Old Simon the King" with divisions, till themselves and their audience were tired, after which as many players on the hautboy would in the most harsh and discordant tones grate forth "Greensleeves," "Yellow Stockings," "Gillean of Croydon," or some such common dance tune, and the people thought it fine music.

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