Girls of Farranfore (The)

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X: 1 T:Girls of Farranfore, The R:reel D:Maire O'Keeffe: Coistir Z:id:hn-reel-621 Z:First bar played |~E3F GBdB| the first time. M:C| K:Edor BE~E2 GBdB|AD~D2 FAed|BE~E2 ~G3B|dBAd BE~E2| GBdg eddB|AD~D2 FAed|BE~E2 ~G3B|dBAd BE~E2|| BeeB egfe|dcdf afed|(3Bcd ef ~g3e|dBAd BE~E2| BeeB egfe|dcdf afdf|g2bg fgaf|edef gfed||

GIRLS OF FARRANFORE, THE. AKA and see "Aberdeen Lasses," "Game of Love (The), "Lass of Farranfore (The)," "New Custom House (The)," "Paddy the Piper (1)." Irish, Reel. E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). A version of "Game of Love (The)." See note for "Pride of Rathmore (The)" with which this reel was paired on Paddy Cronin's 1950's Copely LP, a set widely imitated. "New Custom House (The)" is a related tune. The third part of "Gneevguilla Reel (The)" AKA "Considine's Grove" is the first strain of the present "Farranfore" tune, attached to a variation of the "Pride of Rathmore (The)" in a kind of condensation of Cronin's medley (see also note for "Gneevguilla Reel (The)"). The first appearance of the tune in print, however, was under the title "Paddy the Piper (1)" in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (Boston, 1883).

See also the Scottish variant "Rory MacNab."

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