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GIVE ME CHAW OF TOBACCO. AKA - "Gimmie Chaw T'baccer." AKA and see "Bear Creek's Up." Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, Mississippi. A variation of "Sally Goodin'" in G Major, recorded by the Mississippi group Carter Brothers and Son, consist of a father, uncle and son Jimmy Carter on guitar. Three couplets were sung to the mostly instrumental recording, partly indecipherable except for one:

Had a little dog and his name was Rover,
When he died, he died all over

See also the variant by another Mississippe fiddler, W.E. Claunch, entitled "Bear Creeks Up," and Clark Kessinger's related tune "Josh and I."

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Recorded sources: Document DOCD-8009, Carter Brothers and Son - "Mississippi String Bands, vol. 1, 1928-1935" (1997). Marimac 9110, Carter Brothers & Son - "It'll Never Happen Again: Old Time String Bands, vol. 1" (1986). Vocalion 5295 (78 RPM), Carter Bros. & Son (1928).

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