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GLEN OF COPSEWOOD, THE (Airidh nam badan). AKA - "Glen of Thickets (The)." Scottish, Slow Air (6/8 time). G Major (Aird): F Major (Fraser). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Aird): AABB' (Fraser). "The editor acquired this beautiful melody from his father, but cannot trace any anecdote regarding it. He, however, thinks it originated in the district of Glenmoriston, where there is a sweet spot, which still bears the Gaelic name of it, and marches with the property on which Mr. Fraser of Culduthel, so often mentioned, then lived. It certainly bears the marks of his style" (Fraser).

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Aird (Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs, vol. 5), Glasgow, 1801; No. 177, p. 66. Fraser (The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles), 1816/1874; No. 38, p. 13. Morison (Highland Airs and Quicksteps, vol. 2), c. 1882; No. 28, p. 15.

Recorded sources: Natalie MacMaster - "Road to the Isle" (1991)

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