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GLOUNREAGH SLIDE, THE. AKA and see: "Sleamhnán Ghleann Riabhach," "Maurice O'Keeffe's." Irish, Slide (12/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A version of the Scots air and fling "Muckin' o' Georgie's Byre (The)." The melody appears as an untitled 6/8 tune in a section labelled "Old Set Tunes" in Frank Roche's Collection of Irish Traditional Music, vol. 3 (Dublin, 1927, No. 134). The name "Gloureagh Slide" for the tune comes from Maurice O'Keeffe, who titled it after his homeplace.

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Recorded sources: Gael Linn CEF176, Jackie Daly - "Many's a Wild Night" (learned from Maurice O'Keeffe, and called after his homeplace in Kiskeam).

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