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X:1 T:Going Down the Lee Highway C:G.B. Grayson N:From the playing of fiddler G.B. Grayson (1887-1930) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Victor 23565-B (78 RPM), Grayson & Whitter (1929) D:Document DOCD 8055, "Garyson & Whitter: Complete Recorded Works in D:Chronological Order vol. 2, 1928-1929" (1999). D:County CO CD 3517, "Recordings of Grayson & Whitter" D: D: D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D ((3A,/B,/C/|[D2D2])[D2D2] [DF][DE][DD][DF]|[DE]-[DD]D(D [DF]E)D[B,D]-|[D2D2] [DD][DF] [DE][DD][B,D][A,D]-|[A,D]-[DD][DD][DD] [D2D2](3A,/B,/C/| |:[D2D2])[DD][DF] [DE][DD][DF][DE]|[DD][DE][DF][DD] [DE][DD][B,D][A,D]-|1[A,D]-[DD][DD][DD] [D2D2] (3A,/B,/C/:|2[A,D]-[DD][DD][DD] [D2D2] || a2-|abaf edBA|FD-DB d2e2-|fafe dBAB|d3d d2a2-| abaf edBA|FD-DB d2e2-|fafe dBAB|[B3g3][Bg][B2g2][^d2^a2]-| [e3b3][Ba] ([Bg]e) [B2g2]-|[B2g2][B6g6]|[e3b3][Ba] ([Bg]e) [B2g2]-|[B2g2][B4g4]e2-| fafe d4| d6 b2-|Td'8-|d'8-|a8-|a4 f4-| f6 a2|f2-e2 d4-|d2AB d2 =f-^f| d2 =f-^f d2 =f-^f |d2 =f-^f d2S ||

G.B. Grayson & Henry Whitter
GOING DOWN THE LEE HIGHWAY. AKA and see "Lee Highway Blues." American, Reel. USA; N.C., Tenn. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Going down the Lee Highway" has become a staple of the old-time and bluegrass instrumental repertory. Roy Parker states this tune was composed by fiddler wikipedia:G.B._Grayson in the back of guitarist Henry Whitter's Model T Ford as it chugged down US 11 (Lee Highway) on the way to their Memphis recording session. It is attributed to Grayson on the Victor recording label. However, it has also been attributed to fiddler James ("Uncle Jimmy" or "Fiddlin' Jim") McCarroll of the Roane County Ramblers [1], who composed a very similar piece called "Home Town Blues," recorded a year earlier than Grayson's 1929 recording. See also the similar "Down Home Blues."

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Recorded sources : - Victor 23565-B (78 RPM), G.B. Grayson (N.C./Tenn.) & Henry Whitter (1929. B/w "Never be as Fast as I have been" ).

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