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X:1 T:Going for Water S:Terry Teahan M:12/8 L:1/8 K:D F2G AdA F2G AdA | B2e e2d c2B cBA |F2G AdA F2G AdA | |1 B2e e2A B2c d3 :|2 B2e e2A B2c d2 || e | f2f f2e d2c B2A | B2e e2d c2B cBA |f2f f2e d2c B2A | |1 B2e e2A B2c d2 :|2 B2e e2A B2c d3 ||

GOING TO THE WELL FOR WATER [2]. AKA - "Going for Water." AKA and see "Scattery Island." Irish, Slide (6/8 or 12/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. Fr. John Quinn finds antecedents to this Sliabh Luachra slide in manuscripts from County Leitrim and even older. First, he links the tune with "Murray's Dream," from a music manuscript collection by Drumreilly, Co. Leitrim, fiddler Alex Sutherland (1874-1969), submitted to the Folklore Commission of Ireland in 1957. He also connects the tune with an untitled 6/8 time melody in the music manuscript of brothers Terence and Philip Reilly, neighbors of Sutherland's. Fr. Quinn also finds antecedents in the still older Delaney Manuscript (c. 1860's) of County Laois. Finally, he connects them all with a tune in 2/4 time printed in Hamilton's Universal Tune-Book, vol. 1 (Glasgow, 1844, p. 46), which appears as "Negro Melody". "Going to the Well for Water [2]" is also a version of the "Scattery Island Slide."

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Recorded sources : - Mulligan Records, Dennis Doody - "Kerry Music." Topic 12TS352, Terry "Cuz" Teahan - "Old Time Irish Music in America" (1977. Appears as "Going for Water").

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