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X:1 T:Golden Chains Schottische C:Edward E. Rice N:The tune was part of Rice’s stage production “Evangeline; or, N:The Belle of Acadia” (1874) M:C L:1/8 R:Schottische B:George H. Coes - Coes Album of Jigs and Reels for the Violin (1876, p. 76) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D TA2 {^GA}f2- fceB|dG c4 B2|A2g2- gf e2|(^efgf) (f2a2)|TA2 {^GA}f2- fceB| dG c4 B2|A2g2 feBc|d2f2d||: c^Bc|E4- Ec^Bc|d4- ddef|f2 ^G2 ^g3f| e4- ec^Bc|e2B2B3A|^G2B4 ^F|^G2 B,2 G3F|E4 zc^Bc|E4- Ec^Bc| d4- ddef|f2^G2 ^g3f|e4- ee^de|a2e2d2c2|cB d4 d2|c2B2c3B| A4- A>AA>A|TA2 {^GA}f2- fceB|dG c4 B2|A2g2- gf e2|(^efgf) (f2a2)| TA2 {^GA}f2- fceB|dG c4B2|A2g2 feBc|1 d2f2 d:|2d2f2d2!fermata!|| K:G D2|:G2G2 A>^GA>e|d2d4c2|B2B2 (A^ceg)|(fed^c de=cA)| G2G2 A>^GA>e|d2 d2- dcAc|B2B2 A>^GA>B|1G6 D2:|2 G4-G2z2!D.C.!||

GOLDEN CHAINS SCHOTTISCHE. American, Air and Schottische (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB'CC'. "Golden Chains" was a duet in Edward E. Rice's opera bouffe Evangeline; or, The Belle of Acadia (1874), based on Longfellow's famous epic poem "Evangeline."

The lover's breast in ne'er so blest
As by the charm that music lends,
For Cupid's dainty brow it bends,
His darts are in each strain;
Each blithesome bird in song is heard
On fair Cythera's sunny isle,
And Vulcan's anvil rings the while,
As he welds a golden chain.

It was set as a schottische for George H. Coes' Coes Album of Jigs and Reels (1876).

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Printed sources : - George H. Coes (Coes Album of Jigs and Reels for the Violin), 1876; p. 76.

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