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X:1 T:Good old way [1], The S:J Cubbon C:Traditional O:Isle of Man Z:Clague collection B:Kiaull Vannin #159 M:2/4 L:1/4 Q:60 K:G A|E A|A/B/ c|B/A/ G/A/|B/c/ d|e>d|e/f/ g|B>A|A:| c/d/|e/e/ e|e g|e/d/ d/d/|d c/B/|c/c/ c|c e|B/B/ B/B/|B A/B/| c/A/ A|A B/c/|d/B/ B|B c/d/|e>d|e/f/ g|B>A|A||

GOOD OLD WAY [1], THE. AKA and see "Tra va Ruggit Creest." English, Air (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB: AABB (Offord). The melody was collected on the Isle of Mann by Dr. Henry Clague (1842–1908), a medical practitioner as well as an amateur folklorist. His music manuscript, in three volumes, date to the 1890's.

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Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 87.

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