Governor King's March

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X:1 T:Governor King's March M:C L:1/8 R:March B:Elias Howe – Second Part of the Musician’s Companion (1843, p. 24) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D V:1 D>F|A2 A>A A2 (G/F/E/D/)|B2 B>B B>cd>B|(BA)(FA) (AG)(GF)|E2 E>E E2 D>F| A2 A>A A2 G/F/E/D/|B2 B>B B>cd>B|B>AF>A A>GF>E|D2 d>d d2:| |:AA|dA/A/ AA eA/A/ AA|dA/A/ eA/A/ fA/A/ AA|gA/A/ AA fA/A/ AA|(e/f/)(e/d/) (c/d/)(c/B/) (A/B/)A/G/ (3F/E/D/ (3E/F/G/| A2 A>A A2 G/F/E/D/|B2 B>B B>cd>B|B>AF>A A>GF>E|D2 d>d d2:| V:2 z2|F2 F>F F2z2|G2 G>G G>AB>G|GFDF FEED|C2 C>C C2z2| F2 F>F F2 z2|G2 G>G G>AB>G|G>FD>F F>ED>C|D2 F>F F2:| |:A2|dA/A/ AA cA/A/ AA|dA/A/ cA/A/ dA/A/ AA|eA/A/ AA dA/A/ AA|(c/d/)(c/B/) A/B/A/G/ F/G/F/E/ (3D/C/B,/ (3C/D/E/| F2 F>F F2z2|G2 G>G G>AB>G|G>FD>F F>ED>C|D2 F>F F2:|]

GOVERNOR KING'S MARCH. American, March (4/4 time). USA; New England, southwestern Pennsylvania. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. 'An old fifer's tune', remarked Samuel Bayard (1981). However, not exclusively, as Boston publisher Elias Howe included it in his Second Part of the Musician's Companion (1843) and Diamond School for the Violin (1861). See note (Bayard, 1944) for "Old Man and Old Woman Scoldin' (The)".

The title may refer to William King (1768- 1852), first governor of the state of Maine, elected in June, 1820 (a Freemanson, he was also elected as Grand Master of Maine at the same time). Prior to Maine statehood, Massachusetts named King major general of the Maine militia district at the outbreak of the War of 1812. He clearly appreciated this title, preferring to be addressed as “General” throughout his life. In 1821 he resigned his governorship when President James Monroe named him as one of three commissioners to settle land claims from the 1819 Onis-Adams treaty known as the Spanish Claims Commission.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Hiram Horner (fifer from Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, Pa., 1944) [Bayard].

Printed sources : - Bayard (Dance to the Fiddle), 1981; No. 153, pp. 88-89. Elias Howe (Second Part of the Musician’s Companion), 1843; p. 24. Howe (Diamond School For the Violin), 1861; p. 24.

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