Granny Will Your Dog Bite (7)

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X:1 T:Granny Won't Your Dog Bite C: S:Old Time, from Ruthie Dornfeld Z: M:C| L:1/8 K:AMix "A"A2AA A,CEC|"D"DEFD "A"E2CE| "D"DEFD "A"E2EE|"D"DEFD "E"EF^GE| "A"A2AA A,CEC| "D"DEFD "A"E2EE|"E"e3d cBAc|1 BA^GB "A"A2 E^G:|[2 BA^GB "A"A4|| |:"A"e3d cAcd| eAfA "G"gAfA|"A"efed cABA |"A"a3a- "G"aged| "A"e2 (e2 e)dcd| eAfA "G"gAfA| "E"efed cBAc|"E"BA^GB "A"A4 :|

Granny Will Your Dog Bite (7). Of the several tunes by this name, this one seems most closely related to Granny Will Your Dog Bite (1). Missouri fiddler Howard Marshall learned it from a 1960's tape of Cleo Persinger (a champion contest fiddler from Columbia, MO), a 1950's recording of Bob Walters, and Cyril Stinnett in the 1980s.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - The Milliner - Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes (Bob Walters version)

Recorded sources : - Howard Marshall and John Williams "Fiddling Missouri," Voyager 344.

See also listing at :
Hear Cyril Stinnet's version at<a href=""></a> (about 1:02:30)

Hear/ see Charlie Walden play it at<a href=""></a>

Hear Dwight Lamb's version it at<a href=""></a>

Hear/ Vivian Williams play it at<a href=""></a>

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