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X:1 T:Green Meadow [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Hugh McDermott - Allan's Irish Fiddler (1920's?) K:G (3(DEF)|G2(GA) BGBd|(ef)ge (dB)AG|EAAG ABAG| EAAG AcBA|GFGA BGBd|efge dBAG|EGGF GAGE|DGGF G2:| |:(ga)|b2bg abaf|gage d2Bd|eaag abag|eaag a2(ga)| babg abaf|gage d2(Bd)|eggf gage|[1dggf g2:|[2dgga gedB|| G2(GA) BGBd|(ef)ge (dB)AG|EAAG ABAG|EAAG AcBA| GFGA BGBd|efge dBAG|EGGF GAGE|DGGF G2|]

GREEN MEADOW(S) [1], THE. AKA and see "Johnny When You Die (1)," "Old Reel," "Over the Moor to Maggie (2)," "Paddy's Gone to France," "Rakes of Killevan (The)," "Scroith Reel," "Waynesboro," "Willow Tree (4) (The)." Irish, Reel. G Major (Allan's, Perlman): A Major (Miller & Perron). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Allan's, Miller & Perron): AA'BB' (Perlman). A third part is sometimes added in modern Irish versions (see the close variant "Over the Moor to Maggie"). Breathnach (1963) lists "Green Meadows" in conjunction with "Ballina Lass (The)," "Hag's Reel (The)," "Old Maids of Galway (The)," "Paddy's Gone to France," and "Gearrchailiu Chontae Mhuigheo," and, while related, these tunes appear to represent another branch of development of what may be a common ancestor. See note for "annotation:Over the Moor to Maggie (2)."

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Printed sources : - McDermott (Allan's Irish Fiddler), 1920's?; No. 40, p. 10. Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 2nd Edition, 2006; p. 74. Perlman (The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island), 1996; p. 49.

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