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X:1 T:Green Mountain [3] N:From the playing of Monroe County, south-central Kentucky, fiddler N:Isham Monday (1879-1964), recorded by D.K. Wilgus, Nov., 1959. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:AEae tuning (fiddle) Q:"Moderately Quick" D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A [Ae]f|a2 af e2+slide+c-B|AcBA A2AA |A2 A2 cBAc|+slide+[e3e3][ee] [e2e2][Ae]f| a2 af e2+slide+c-B|AcBA A2+slide+e2-|ecBA BA[FA]-[EA]|[A3A3][AA] [A2A2]:| |:[EA]-[FA]-|[A2A2][A2A2][A2c2]cB|AcBA A2EF|[A2A2][A2A2]cBAc|[e3e3][ee] [e2e2][EA]-[FA]-| [AA][AA][A2A2][A2c2]cB|AcBA A2+slide+e2-|ecBA BA[EA]-[FA]|[A3A3][AA] [A2A2]:|

GREEN MOUNTAIN [3], THE. American, Reel (whole or cut time). USA, south-central Kentucky. A Major. AEae tuning (fiddle). AABB. Titon (2001) calls this a "stately local tune" unrelated to other "Green Mountain..." titles. However, a title appears in a list of traditional Ozarks Mountains fiddle tunes compiled by musicologist/folklorist Vance Randolph, published in 1954, which may or may not be musically related.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Isham Monday (Tompkinsville, Monroe County, south-central Ky., 1959) [Titon]. Monroe County is located south-east of Bowling Green, Ky., and northeast of Nashville, Tenn., and is situated in the Pennyroyal Plateau region of the state. It is a prohibition or 'dry' county.

Printed sources : - Titon (Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes), 2001; No. 56, p. 67.

Recorded sources: -Meriweather 1001-2, Isham Monday (et al) - "I Kind of Believe it's a Gift: Field Recordings of Traditional Music from southcentral Kentucky" (1986).

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Hear Isham Monday's Nov., 1959, field recording by D.K. Wilgus at Berea Sound Archives [1]

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