Green Mountain Polka

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X:1 T:Green Mountain Polka S:Howard L. Maxey (Franklin County, southwest Virginia) M:C| L:1/8 F: D:Library of Congress, AFS 02744 A05, Howard L. Maxey (1939) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D |:[DA]-|[D2A2]f2 fgfe|dAFG A2d2|c2B2E2F2|ABAG FDEF| [D2A2]f2 fgfe|dAFG A2[A2e2]-|[Ae]BcA BAcA|[D3d3][Dd] [D3d3]:| K:A [Ae]-|[Ae]fed cde^g|ae[ce][ce]- [ce]fec|BAcA dfed|cABc A2cd| [Ae]fed cde^g|ae[ce][ce]- [ce]fec|[B2e2][B2e2]- [Be]efe|a2 ab a3:|]

GREEN MOUNTAIN POLKA. American, Polka. USA; southwestern Virginia. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). See also closely related tunes "Plaza Polka", "Richmond Cotillion (1)," "Richmond Polka," "Stonewall Jackson (1)" and the similar "Flop Eared Mule (1)." The tune was recorded during the 78 RPM era by Charlie La Prade and the Blue Ridge Highballers. "Green Mountain Polka" was recorded in the field by Herbert Halpert for the Library of Congress (2738-B-3 and 2744-A-5), 1939, from the playing of fiddler J.W. "Peg" Hatcher (Ferrum, Virginia), Houston Bald Knob String Band and H.L. Maxey (1882-1947, Ferrum, Franklin County, Va.). West Virginia fiddler Ed Haley also made a recording on a home disc machine of "Green Mountain Polka," probably in the late 1940's.

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Recorded sources: -Columbia 15070-D (78 RPM), Charlie LaPrade and the Blue Ridge Highballers. Library of Congress AFS 2740-41, J.W. "Peg" Hatcher (1939). Library of Congress, AFS 02744 A05, Howard L. Maxey (1939). Rounder CD 1131, Ed Hayley - "Forked Deer." Victor V-40304 (78 RPM), Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers.

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