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X:1 T:Grey Eagle [5] S:Roland Cauley (Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:County LP 409, Roland Cauley - "Singing Farmer" D:Perfect Records JL 100, Roland Cauley & Lake Howard (1934) F: F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C d+slide+[e2e2]d (cBc)A|GGcA EC3|[CE][CD][CE][CE] [Ec][DA][Ec][Ec] |Adde dcA2| d-eed (cBc)A|Gc-AG EC3 |[CE][CD][CE][CE] [Ec][DA][Ec]A |GFED C2c2| [ee]-[de]-[ee]d (cBc)A|Gc-AG EC3|CA,C2 CA,CC|Addc dcAc| [ce]-[ee]-[ee]-[de] cdcA|G(cA)G EC3|gfga- aga2|c'ge2 c2|| (e2|g)eae geae|geae geg2|c'ac'2 ageg|aggg gfef| geae geae|geae gega|c'bc'2 egg2|ag2g g2|| [^d2f2]-|[e4g4]-[c4e4] |[CE][CD][CE][CE] [CE][CD][C2E2]|[CE][CD][CE][CE] [Ec][DA][Ec][Ec] |Addc dcAc| cded cAcA|G2 AG EC3|[CE][CD][CE][CE] GFGF|EEDC- C2||

GREY EAGLE [5]. American, Reel (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. Fiddler Roland Cauley of Kinsdale, North Carolina, was invited by his friend Lake Howard to accompany him at a recording session in 1934. Howard had some regional fame as the "Singing Farmer."

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - County LP 409, Roland Cauley - "Singing Farmer". Heritage XXXIII, Bruce Molsky – "Visits" (1981. Learned from a 1934 recording of Roland Cauley and Lake Howard). Perfect Records JL 100, Roland Cauley & Lake Howard (1934).

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