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X:1 T:Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel K:Amix CA,EA, CA,EA,|B,G,DG, B,G,G,B,|CA,EA, CA,EA,|B,A,G,B, A,2A,B,| CA,EA, CA,A,C|B,G,DG, B,A,G,B,|CA,EA, CA,A,C|1 B,A,G,B, A,2A,B,:|2 B,A,G,B, A,2|| |:^cd|efed ^cdef|gedc BGGB|efed ^cAcd|eaa^g a2ef| gfed ^cdef|gedc BGGB|c2 (3BcB AGED|GEDB, A,2:||

GROWLING OLD MAN AND (GRUMBLING OLD) WOMAN, THE. AKA – "Old Man and the Old Woman (2)," "Growling Old Man and Cackling Old Woman," "Marmotteuse (La)." AKA and see "Chicaneuse (La)," "Disputant (The)," "Disputeuse (La)." French Canadian (originally), New England; Reel. A Dorian ('A' part) & A Mixolydian ('B' part): A Mixolydian (Phillips). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Silberberg): AABB (most versions): AA'BB' (Perlman). A Québec reel popularized by Maritime radio and TV fiddler Don Messer. It was taken up by "revival" fiddlers in the early 1970's and became a staple of New England contra dance repertoire, and has since become widely disseminated. See Isidore Soucy's 'crooked' (irregularly metered) version, "Disputeuse (La)." See also "Highlander's Farewell (4)," from the playing of Virginia fiddler Emmett Lundy, a tune much in the same character as "Growling Old Man," and perhaps related.

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