Annotation:Gustuvus Galloppe

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X:1 T:Gustuvus Galloppe [2] S:John Moore music manuscript collection (1841, Tyneside) M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Galop K:G D|GE/G/ BG/B/|dB/d/ gd|dccA|eddD| GD/G/ BG/B/|dB/d/ gB|dccA|G3:| |:B|(dc)cA|(ed)dB|(dc)cA|eddD| GD/G/ BG/B/|dB/d/ gd|dccA|G3:| |:c|(d/d/^c/d/)|.b(b/^a/b/)|.a(a/^g/a/)|=g/f/g/a/ dB| .d(d/^c/d/)|.b(b/^a/b/)|aa^ga}g3:|]

GUSTUVUS GALOP. The melody was also entered into the mid-19th century manuscript of uilleann piper and Church of Ireland cleric James Goodman (vol. 1, No. 166).

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Printed sources : - Cameron (Cameron's Selection of Violin Music), 1859; p. 28.

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