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HA'PENNY BRIDGE, THE. Irish, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by Falmouth, Massachusetts, musician and writer Bill Black [1]. The Ha'penny Bridge spans the river Liffey in Dublin, linking the northern and southern sides of the city, from Liffey Street to the popular Temple Bar area. A cast-iron footbridge, it was built in 1816 by John Windsor, an ironworker originally from Shropshire, England. It was originally called the Wellington Bridge, now officially the Liffey Bridge, but was popularly christened the Ha'penny Bridge due to the toll pedestrians were once charged to cross it. Although the toll was abandoned in 1919 the name persists.

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Printed sources: Black (Music's the Very Best Thing), 1996; No. 225, p. 121.

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