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X:1 T:Halifax M:C L:1/8 N:Originally from Nick Mills - Boone's Mill VA, Armin Barnett and the Ruglifters CD N: N:Fiddle tuned AEae Z:Transcribed into ABC roughly by Jan Howard 2023 K:A |:"A" !slide!aefa eA!slide!cB | "A" AcBA F2 EA- | "A" ABcA Bc3 |"E" e3 f e3 !slide!a-| "A" aefa eA!slide!cB | "A" AcBA F2 EF | "A" ABcA "E" FEFE |1 "A" A3 B A3!slide!a-:|2 "A" A3 A A3 E- || |: "A" EEFG A2 AA |"A" AcBA (3FGF EG | "A" ABcA Bc3 |"E" [g3e3] [ge] [g3e3] E-| "A" EEFG A2 AA- |"A" AcBA (3FGF EA- | "A" ABcA "E" F E3 |1 "A" A3 B A3 E- :|2"A" A3 A A4 ||

HALIFAX. American, Reel (cut time). USA, southwestern Va. A tune and tune name peculiar ot the Franklin/Floyd County area of southwestern Va. (Blanton Owen & Tom Carter, 1976).

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