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X:1 T:Harmony [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Stephen F. Davis - Devil's Box, vol. 19, No. 3, 1985 (pp. 49-50) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G "G"(BA)Bc dcd-^d|ede(g g)age|d2(d2d2)B2|d2 DE FE D2| (BA)Bc dcd-^d|"Em"ede(g g)ege|"A7"a2 (a2 a)(ab2)|"D7"a2 f2e2d2| "G"(BA)Bc dcd-^d|ede(g g)ege|d2(d2 d)(AB)c|d6 (ef| "C"g2)e2"C#dim"d2B2|"G"e2 d(B"E7"B)A G2|"A7"(BA)B(d "D7"d)B A2|"G"[G8B8]:||: "D7"[F2d2][F2d2]- [Fd]([Fe][Fd][DA])|[F3d3] [Fe]-[F3e3][DA]|[F2d2][F2d2]- [Fd]([Fe][Fd][DA])|[F3d3] [Fe]-[F2d3]B2| (dBA)(d d)B A2|dBA(d d)B A2|"G"gde(gg)d e2|gde(g g)edB| "D7"[F2d2][F2e2]- [Fd]([Fe][Fd][DA])|[F3d3][Fe][F4d4]|"G"[B2g2][B2g2]- [Bg]([Bg] [B2a2])|[B3g3] (a g)ded| "C"g2e2"C#dim"d2B2|"G"e2 d(B "E7"B)A G2|"A7"(BA)B(d "D7"d)B A2|"G"[G8B8]:| "C"E4e4||:c2G2A2G2|"D7"^F2 (d2 d)e d2|=F2 (d2 d)e d2|"G7"E4 d3(A| B2)G2A2G2|"C"E2 (c2 c)dc(D |E2) (c2 c)dcB|"F"A2f2f2f2|((5f/g/f/e/f/ f)(e g2)f2| "C"+slide+([ee2e2][e4e4])|"A7"+slide+[e6e6](ef2)d2|"D7"d3(e d)B A2|d4 B4|1"G7"A4 G4|[M:2/4]+slide+[e3e3]A:|2 "G7"A4 [G4B4]|| "G"B2c2d2g2|bab(g g)eg(e|"G7"a)ga(e e)def|"G"[B4g4]- [Bg]ded| "C"g2e2 "C#dim"d2B2|"G"e2 d(B "E7"B)A G2|"A7"(BA)B(d "D7"d)B A2|"G"[G8B8]||

HARMONY [1]. American, Country Rag (cut time). USA, Texas. G Major ('A', 'B' and 'D' parts) & C Major ('C' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCD. A ragtime piece composed in 1911 by one of the premier ragtime composers, Hal G. Nichols. Among the many recordings of the piece is one by Texas swing fiddler Bob Wills (accompanied by guitarist Sleepy Johnson) in 1935. The record label indicates it was a 'One step'.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Bob Wills (Texas) [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Stephen F. Davis (Devil's Box (The)), vol. 19, No. 3, 1985; pp. 49-50. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 62.

Recorded sources : - Melotone (Brunswick) Records 6-11-58 (78 RPM), Bob Wills & Sleepy Johnson (recorded Sept., 1935, record released Nov., 1936).

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Hear Bob Wills' (fid.) and Sleepy Johnson's (gtr.) 1935 recording at [1]

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