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HARPER'S JIG. American, "Straight Jig" (2/4/ time). E Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A 'straight jig' refers to a type of duple time dance tune popular in the mid-19th century, primarily on the minstrel and variety stages. The 'jig' is used in the sense of the English 'jig dance', meaning a solo dance performance. "Harper's Jig" was composed by George Swaine Buckley (1829-1879), the principal banjo player for the successful minstrel troup Buckley's Serenaders [1], who at one time consisted of father James and three Buckley brothers plus assorted other performers.

G. Swaine Buckley

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Printed sources: (James) Buckley (Buckley's New Banjo Method), 1860; p. 21.

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