Annotation:Hedge School Master (The)

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X:1 T:The Hedge School Master S:Paddy O'Sullivan (fiddle), N. Kerry R:reel M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Transcribed by Paul de Grae K:D A|~BAFD E2 FE|B,DA,D B,A, ~A,2|A,B,G,B, A,B,DB|AFDF ~E3 A| BAFD E2 FE|B,DA,D B,A, ~A,2|A,B,G,B, A,B,DB|AFEF D3:|:F| E2 FA ~B3 d|eB B2 dBAF|(3GFE FA ~B3 d|edBA d3 f| eB ~B2 AF ~F2|~E3 F EB, ~B,2|A,B,G,B, A,B,DB|AFEF D3:||

HEDGE SCHOOL MASTER, THE. Irish, Reel. From the playing of north Kerry fiddler Paddy O'Sullivan.

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