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X:1 T:Heel and Toe Polka [2] M:2/4 L:1/16 B:Devil's Box vol 11 #2 6/77 N:Transcribed by Frank Maloy based on the version by Ernie Hodges (1905-1984, N:Banner Elk, near Waynesville, N.C.). Hodges was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky N:and learned from the playing of central Ky. fiddlers Leonard Rutherford and Doc N:Roberts, although he lived much of his life in Georgia and latterly in N.C.. He was N:a member of the Dixie Vagabonds. K:G Bc|:"G"d2b2 "D7"c2a2|"G"B2g2 gdBG|"D7"F2e2 edcA|"G"G2e2 efBc|! "G"d2b2 "D7"c2a2|"G"B2g2 gdBG|"D7"F2e2 edcA|1"G"G2g2 G2Bc:|2"G"G2g2 G3A||! "G"B2d2 "C"c2e2|"G"d2bd bdbd|"D7"c2ac acac|"G"B2gB gBgd|! "G"B2d2 "C"c2e2|"G"d2bd bdbd|"D7"c2ac acac|"G"B2g2 g2ga|! "C"g2e2 egfe|"G"d2B2 DGBd|"D7"c2A2 DFAc|"G"B2G2 G2ga|! "C"g2e2 egfe|"G"d2B2 DGBd|"D7"c2A2 DFAc|"G"B2G2 G2||!

HEEL AND TOE POLKA (2). American, Polka. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABC. The second and third parts are part of Jenny Lind Polka, composed by Anton Wallerstein in 1846.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Miller & Perron (101 Polkas), 1978; No. 56.

Recorded sources : - Davis Unlimited DU-33031 Ernie Hodges - "North Carolina Fiddling" (1975).

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