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X:1 T:Heigho My Jockey M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air S:O'Farrell - Pocket Companion, vol. III (c. 1808) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G G>A GG Bd | eA AG AB | GG GG Bd | cB/A/ BB E2 :| |: e>f g/f/e/d/ eB | e/g/f/a/ g/f/e/d/ e>f | gfed eB | c B/A/ GB E2 :||

HEIGHHO MY JOCKEY. AKA - "Heigh Ho! My Jocky," "Heigh Ho! My Jacky." AKA and see "Drink to Her." Irish, Air (3/4 time). G Major (Holden, O'Farrell) : D Major (Clinton). Standard tuning (fiddle). One part (Clinton): AABB (O'Farrell): ABC (Holden). The air appears in several Irish songsters of the early 19th century, and was the indicated tune for Thomas Moore's (1779–1852) song "Drink to Her" published in his Irish Melodies:

Drink to her who long
Hath waked the poet's sigh,
The girl who gave to song
What gold could never buy.

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Printed sources : - Clinton (Gems of Ireland: 200 Airs), 1841; No. 75, p. 38. Smollet Holden (Collection of favourite Irish Airs), London, c. 1841; p. 27. O'Farrell (Pocket Companion, vol. III), c. 1808; p. 32.

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