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X:1 T:Helen N. Robertson N:"Mrs. A.S.R." M:3/4 L:1/8 C:Arthur S. Robertson (1969) R:Air K:G d2|"G"(B3AG2)|(B4 AG)|"C"(G2E2G2)|(E2"G"D4)|(D2E2G2)|"Bm"(B4 AB)| "G"d2 (d2B2)|"D7"A4d2|"G"B2A2G2|"G7"B4 AG|"C"G2E2G2|E2 "G"D4|B,4 DB,| "Am"C4 B,A,|"D7"D2A2F2|"G"G4||"G"(B,>A,)|G,4 (DC)|B,4 (CD)|"C"(E2G2E2)| "G"(E2D3D)|(D2E2G2)|"Bm"B4 (AB)|"G"d2 (d2B2)|"D7"A4 d2|"G"B3A G2| "G7"B4 AG|"C"G2E2G2|"G"E2D4|B,4 DB,|"Am"C4 B,A,|"D7"D2A2F2|"G"G4||

HELEN N. ROBERTSON. Scottish, Air (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The first composition of Scottish fiddler and composer Arthur S. Robertson (b. 1911), living in Lerwick, Sheltand, named for his wife of over 40 years. Neil (1991) says: "The composition was inspired to some extent by listening to evangelical music and also by memories of his mother at the church organ. It is perhaps the most celebrated of his compositions and is currently played throughout Scotland by many strathspey and reel societies." The tune was meant by Robertson to be played mostly in the third position.

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Printed sources : - Neil (The Scots Fiddle), 1991; No. 169, p. 219.

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