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X:486 T:Magasin general de Hermas Rehel S:Hermas Rehel D:Yvon Mimeault, Y'tait Temps (track 5a) D:E.T.E., Le boire des minuits (track 1a) M:2/2 Q:1/2=110 L:1/8 Z:Paul Fackler K:Edor |:EB-BB c2BA | EB-BB cBAG | FA-AA B2AG | FA-AA BAGF | EB-BB c2BA | EB-BB cABc | d2dB AFDF | GEED E2 ED:| |:Be-ee- eefa | gefd edBA | Gd-dd- defg | abag fed=c | Be-ee- eefa | gefd edBc | dedB AFDF | GEED E2 ED:|

HERMES RÉHEL. AKA - "Magasin general de Hermes Réhel." French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The reel is the repertoire of fiddler Yvon Mimeault (b. 1928, Mont-Louis, Gaspé). Fiddler and step dancer Hermes Réhel (1920-2012, Brossard, Montréal area) was originally from the Gaspé of Quebec and was a friend of Mimeault's. For many years he ran a general store and this fact gave rise to the name given to this tune.

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Recorded sources : - Yvon Mimeault - "Y etait temps!/It's About Time."

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