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X:1 T:Highland Laddie (4) T:New Highland Laddie T:Jinglin' Johnny M:C| L:1/8 B:Peacock's Tunes (c. 1805) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G G2 GB A2 AB|G2 GB A2 AB|G2g2d2 cB|ABcA B2G2:| |:d2 de d2 de|dgfe d2 cB|d2 de d2 de|dgfe d2 cB| c2 ce B2 Bd|A2 AB c2 BA|G2g2d2 cB|ABcA B2G2:| |:d/c/B/c/ d/c/B/c/ d/c/B/c/ d/c/B/c/|e/d/c/B/ ge d2 cB|d/c/B/A/ G/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/ G/A/B/c/| e/d/c/B/ ge d2 cB|c/e/g/e/ c/e/g/e/ B/d/g/d/ B/d/g/d/|A/G/A/B/ c/B/c/d/ ecBA| G/A/B/c/ d/e/f/g/ edcB|AB cd/c/ B2G2:||:G/B/d/B/ G/B/d/B/ G/c/e/c/ G/c/e/c/| G/B/d/B/ G/B/d/B/ G/c/e/c/ G/c/e/c/|G/B/d/B/ G/c/e/c/ d2cB|ABcd B2G2:|

HIGHLAND LADDIE [4]. AKA and see "Jinglin' Johnnie," "Jingling Johnny," "Kate Dalrymple," "New Highland Laddie (1)." English, Reel. England, Northumberland. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Anderson): AABBCCDDEFFGGHH (Peacock). A Northumbrian pipe tune from the c. 1805 publication [1] generally credited to piper and pipe-maker John Peacock (c. 1754-1817). Numerous variation sets on a binary theme. The "Kate Dalrymple" title comes from a song set to the tune. There is another "Highland Laddie" tune in Peacock's collection (see "Highland Laddie (2)").

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Anderson (Anderson's Budget of Strathspeys, Reels & Country Dances for the German Flute or Violin), Edinburgh, 1820; p. 26. Peacock's Tunes, c. 1805; No. 50, p. 24. Wilson (Companion to the Ball Room), 1816; p. 36.

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