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X:1 T:Highland Solo [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Air N:"Variations composed by D. Dow." B:Dow - A Collection of Ancient Scots Music (c. 1775, p. 18-22) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Dmix A2A2B2B2|A2A2 (FD) TF2|A2A2c2c2|G2G2 (EC) TE2| A2A2d2d2|A2A2 FD TF2|G2-Ge F2-Fd|E2-Ec EC E2:| |:D2A2D2TB2|D2 A2 (FD) TF2|D2A2D2c2|C2G2 (EC) TE2| D2A2D2d2|D2A2 (FD) TF2|(G>AG)e (F>GF)d|(E>FE)c (EC) TE2:| |:(A>FA>)d (B>GB>)d|A>FA>d (FD) TF2|(A>FA>)d (B>GB>)d|(A>FA>)c (EC)TE2| (A>FA>)d (B>GB>)d|(A>FA>)d (FD) TF2|(B>GB>)d (A>FA>)d|(G>EG>)c (EC) E2:|| P:"Variations" |:AADA BBDB|AADA (FD) TF2|AADA BBDB|ccGc (EC) TE2| AADA ddDd|AADA (FD) TF2|BBGB AAFA|GGEc EC TE2:| |:(A>FD>)d (B>GD>)d|(A>FD>)d (FD) TF2|(A>FD>)d (B>GD>)d|A>FD>d A>FD>c (EC)E2| A>FD>d (B>GD>)d|A>FD>d (FD) TF2|(B>GD>)B (A>FD>)A|(G>EC>)c (EC) TE2:| |:(D/F/E/D/) A2 (D/F/E/D/) TB2|(D/F/E/D/) A2 (FD) TF2|(D/F/E/D/)A2 (D/F/E/D/) c2|(C/D/E/F/) G2 (EC) TE2| (D/F/E/D/) A2 (D/F/E/D/) d2|(D/F/E/D/) A2 (FD) TF2|((3GAG) B2 ((3FGF) A2|((3EFE) c2 EC TE2:| |:(A>BA>)d (B>cB)d|(A>BA)d (FD) TF2|(A>BA)d (B>cB)d|(A>BA)c (EC)TE2| (A>BA)d (B>CB)d|(A>BA)d (FD) TF2|(G>AG)B (F>GF)A|(E>FE)c (EC)E2:| (D/E/F/G/) A2 (D/E/A/^c/)d2|(D/E/F/G/) A2 (FD) TF2|(D/E/F/G/) A2 (D/F/A/B/) =c2|(C/D/E/F/)G2 (EC)TE2| (D/E/F/G/)A2 (D/F/A/^c/) d2|(D/E/F/G/)A2 (FD) TF2|(G/B/^c/d/e/) e2| (F/A/B/c/)d2|(E/G/A/B/) =c2 (EC)E2:| |:DD (F/G/A) DD (G/A/B)|DD (F/G/A) (FD) TF2|DD (F/G/A) DD (A/B/c)|CC E/F/G (EC) TE2| DD (F/G/A) DD (G/A/B)|DD (F/G/A) (FD) TF2|GG (G/A/B) FF (F/G/A)|EE (E/G/c) (EC) TE2:| |:(D/F/A) (DA) (G/A/B) (DB)|(F/G/A) (DA) (FD)TF2|(D/F/A) (DA) (G/A/B) (D=F)|(E/G/c) (Gc) (EC) TE2| (D/F/A) (DA) (G/A/B) (DB)|(F/G/A) (DA) (FD) TF2|(G/A/B) (EG) (F/G/A) (D=F)|(E/G/c) (Gc) (EC) TE2:| |:(A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/F/) (B/G)(D/G/) (B/G/)(D/G/)|(A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/F/) (FD) TF2| (A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/F/) (B/G)(D/G/) (B/G/)(D/G/)|(A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/c/) (EC) TE2| |:(A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/F/) (B/G)(D/G/) (B/G/)(D/G/)|(A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/G/) (FD) TF2| (B/G/)(D/G/) (B/G/)(D/G/) (A/F/)(D/F/) (A/F/)(D/F/)|(G/E/)(C/E/) (c/A/)(G/c/) EC E2:| [D2A2][D2A2][D2B2][D2B2]|[D2A2][D2A2] {DF]D TF2|{D2A2][D2A2][E2c2][E2c2] (EC) TE2| [D2A2][D2A2] [F2d2][F2d2]|[D2A2][D2A2] [DF]D TF2|[G2B2][G2B2][F2A2][F2A2]|[E2c2][E2c2] (EC) E2:|

HIGHLAND SOLO [1]. Scottish, Slow Air (4/4 time). D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDDEEFFGG. A double-tonic tune (D and C).

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Dow (A Collection of Ancient Scots Music), c. 1775; pp. 18-22. Martin (Ceol na Fidhle), vol. 2, 1988; pp. 14-15. Martin (Taigh na Teud), 1990; pp. 10-11.

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