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X:52 T:Hilland Solo, The A:England;London T:Dunbroon,aka M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/2=90 S:J.Walsh,Third Book of the most celebrated jiggs,etc 1731 N:aka Dunbroon(RC) Z:Pete Stewart, 2004 <> with vmp revisions K:A ef fa fg fg |dg dg BGB2|ef ea fg eg|ef ea cAc2| ef fa fg fg |dg dg BGB2|eA cA eA cA|eA cA BG B2| eA cA eA cA|BG BG BG B2|e/e/e/e/ ee f/f/f/f/ ff|e/e/e/e/ ee cAc2| e/e/e/e/ ee f/f/f/f/ ff|d/d/d/d/ ddBGB2|e/e/e/e/ ee a/a/a/a/ aa|e/e/e/e/ ee dBd2| d/d/d/d/ da c/c/c/c/ ca|B/B/B/B/Bg BGB2|Ac/d/e2 Af/g/a2|Ac/d/e2cAc2| Ac/d/e2 Af/g/a2|AB/c/d2BGB2|Ac/d/e2Af/g/a2|Ac/d/e2cAc2| d/d/d/d/ da c/c/c/c/ ca|B/B/B/B/ Bg BGB2|A/B/c/d/ eAeA d2|A/B/c/d/ eA eA c2| Ac/d/ eA eAc2|Ae/f/ gd BGB2|e/e/e/e/ e/e/e/e/ f/f/f/f/ f/f/f/f/| e/e/e/e/ e/e/e/e/ cAc2|f/f/f/f/ g/g/g/g/ f/f/f/f/ f/f/f/f/| d/d/d/d/ d/d/d/d/ BGB2|e/e/e/e/ e/e/e/e/ a/a/a/a/ a/a/a/a/| e/e/e/e/ e/e/e/e/ cAc2|d/d/d/d/ d/d/d/d/ c/c/c/c/ c/c/c/c/| B/B/B/B/ Bg BGB2|A/B/c/d/e2 A/B/c/d/a2| A/B/c/d/e2cAc2|A/B/c/d/e2 A/B/c/d/a2|A/B/c/d/e2cAc2| A/B/c/d/e2 A/B/c/d/a2|A/B/c/d/e2cAc2|d2a/g/f/e/ c2a/g/f/e/|B2g2BGB2| e/e/e/e/eA f/f/f/f/ fA|e/e/e/e/ eA cA c2| e/e/e/e/ eA f/f/f/f/ fA|d/d/d/d/ dG BGB2| e/e/e/e/ eA a/a/a/a/ aA|e/e/e/e/ eA cA c2|d/d/d/d/ da c/c/c/c/ ca|B/B/B/B/ Bg BGB2| eA d/c/B/A/ eA d/c/B/A/|eA d/c/B/A/ d/c/B/A/ B2| eA d/c/B/A/eA d/c/B/A/|BG BG BG B2|A/B/c/d/ e/f/g/e/a4|]

HILLAND SOLO, THE. AKA and see "Dunbroon." English, Country Dance Tune (4/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. The melody (which makes a bit more sense when played in mixolydian mode) appears in London publisher John Walsh's Third Collection of Lancashire tunes (1731).

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