Annotation:Histoire de Mon Vieux Coq

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X:1 T:L'Histoire de mon vieux coq C:Yvon Mimeault M:4/4 Q:1/4 S:Courtesy of Ginette Bellehumeur Z:Valerio M. Pelliccioni K:G "G"DFGA BGBG|"D"DGAF "C"(3DFG DB,|"G"G,B,DG BGAB|"C"cBAG "D"EADA| "G"DFGA BGBG|"D"DGAF "C"(3DFG DB,|"G"G,B,"Em"DG BddB|"D"cAFA "G"G2 AG:| |:"D"DFGA "Em"B2 AB| "Em"eBAB gBEB|"D"DFGA "G"B2 AB|"Em"gBEB AGEG| "D"DFGA "Em"B2 AB| "Em"eBAB gBEB|"D"DFGA "C"Bggd|"D"dBBA "G"G2 BG:|

L'HISTOIRE DE MON VIEUX COQ (The Story of My Old Cock). French-Canadian, Reel (whole or cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by fiddler Yvon Mimeault (1928-2024, Mont-Louis, Gaspé), in mind of the crowing of a family rooster when he was young.

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Recorded sources : - Yvon Mimeault - "Y etait temps!/It's About Time."

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See/hear the tune played by Devon Leger at [1]

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