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HIT OR MISS [1]. AKA - "Hit and Miss." English, Jig. F Major (Kershaw): C Major (Barlow, Barnes, Playford). Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Kershaw): AABBCC (Barlow, Barnes). No relation to the "Hit and Miss/Daphne" in E minor. "Hit and Miss(e)" was printed by John Playford in the 1st edition of his English Dancing Master in 1651, and appears under that title through the 3rd editions (1657 & 1665), after which it appears in the Dancing Master editions as "Hit or Miss," through to the end of the series (published by John Young) with the 18th edition of 1728. The tune is contained in the 19th century Joseph Kershaw Manuscript. Kershaw was a fiddle player who lived in the remote area of Slackcote, Saddleworth, North West England, who compiled his manuscript from 1820 onwards, according to Jamie Knowles.

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Printed sources: Barlow (Complete Country Dance Tunes from Playford's Dancing Master), 1985; No. 49, p. 25. Barnes (English Country Dance Tunes, vol. 2), 2005; p. 60. Knowles (The Joseph Kershaw Manuscript), 1993; No. 33.

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