Annotation:Hommage à Jimmy Di Genova

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X:1 T:Hommage à Jimmy di Genova C:Philippe Bruneau M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air or Waltz N:All paired 8th notes played as quarter/eighth triplets Z:Steve Fry K:Bmin P:A "Bm"(3fgf df Bd | F2-F F Bd|fF Bd gd|(3fgf df Bd| (3fgf df Bd|F3 F Bd|fF Bd gf|(3gag ee Be| "Em"(3gag eg Be|G3 G Be|gG Be ae|ge ee Be|(3gag eg Be| G3 F cd|"F#"(3efe ce dc|1 "Bm"dB Bd GF:|2 "Bm"dB BF FF|| P:B |:"F#"cF FF ce|"Bm"dF FF Bd|"F#"cF FF cF|"Bm"Bc de fF| "F#"cF FF ce|"Bm"dF FF Bd|"F#"cF ce dc|"Bm"B2b2 zB:| P:C |:"Bm"(3fgf df Bd|f3 F GF|(3fgf df Bd|f3 F GF|(3fgf df GF| (3fgf df GF|(3fgf df Bd|"Em"(g4 g)f|(3gag eg Be| "Ebaug"g3 F GF|"G/D"(3gag eg Be|"G/C#"g3 F GF|"G/D"(3gag eg GF| "Em"gg eg GF|"F#"(3efe ce dc|1 "Bm"dB Bd GF:|2 "Bm"dB BF FF|| P:D "Bm"~f3 d Bd|F3 F Bc|dF Bc dB|"F#ce Fc Fc|~e3 d ce| F3 F cd|eF ce dc|"Bm"dB Bd GF|~f3 d Bd|F3 F Bc| dF Bc dB|"F#"ce Fc Fc|~e3 d ce|F3 F cd|eF ce dc|"Bm"dB B4|| P:E "Em"(3gag eg eg|"Bm"(3fgf df df|"F#"(3efe ce ce|"Bm"Bc de fd| "Em" (3gag eg eg|"Bm"(3fgf df df|"F#"eF ce dc|"Bm"B2 b2z2:|]

HOMMAGE À JIMMY DI GENOVA. French-Canadian, Air or Waltz (3/4 time). B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBCC'DEE. Composed by accordion player Philippe Bruneau (1935-2011) in honor of folk dance entrepreneur Jimmy Di Genova who founded the internationally acclaimed folklore troupe Les Sortilèges in the 1960's. His archival material forms part of the Marius-Barbeau Documentation Center [1]. Bruneau's tune is in the form of a waltz suite.

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