Annotation:Hommage à Jos Bouchard

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X:1 T:Hommage à Joe Bouchard M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:transcribed by fiddler Pascal Gemme (of Genticorum) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Bmin |:"Bm"d3 dcd|BFF FBc|d3 "G"dcB|"F#7"cFF F3|"Em"e3 "C#7/F"ede|"F#7"cFF F3| fgf "F#7/E"efe|"Bm/D"ded "F#7/C#"cBc|"Bm"d3 dcd|BFF FBc|d3 dcB|"F#7"cFF F3| "Em"e3 "F#7/F"ede|"F#7"cFF F3|fgf edc|1"Bm"(B3 B)Bc:|2 "Bm"B3 "A7"A3|| |:"D"F3 FGB|A3 ABc|dcd "G"edB|"D/F#"A3 "Fdim7"FAd|"Em"c3 Ace|"A7"g3 Ace| "Em"c'ba "A7"gfe|"D"fed "A7"cBA|"D"F3 FGB|A3 ABc|dcd "G"edB| "D/F#"A3 "Fdim7"FAd|"Em"c3 Ace|"A7"g3 Ace|"Em"c'ba "A7"gfe|"D"dAF D3:||

HOMMAGE À JOS BOUCHARD. French-Canadian, Jig (6/8 time). B Minor ('A' part) & D Major ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'A"A"'B"B"'A"" (Bégin). Composed by French-Canadian button-accordionist Philippe Bruneau for the celebrated violinist Joseph Bouchard (1905-1980, born Pointe-au-Pic, Québec), whose recordings, spanning 1938-1946, influenced a generation of French-Canadian fiddlers. He was a member of the influential group Les Montagnards, as well, and was known for his quadrille playing. Although his recordings and performing career was successful, he continued to work for the Canadian National Railroad for some 32 years.

Fiddler Pascal Gemme (of the group Genticorum) remarks that the melody is in Galoppe form, meaning that each part is twice the usual length of a tune-16 bars, rather than 8. The second part necessarily goes into third position if the key of B minor is used; many fiddlers prefer to play the tune in A minor to avoid the shift.

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Printed sources : - Bégin (Philippe Bruneau), 1993; No. 72, p. 107.

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