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X:1 T:Hommage à Omer Dumas M:C| L:1/8 C:Philippe Bruneau N:Play AA'BBAA'CC' Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A {d}c3d e2ae|fefg fecA|EEGE BEGB|ABcd ecce| {cd}cBcd e2ag|fefg fecA|EEGE BEGB|1Afec Accc:|2 Afec A3B|| GABc dBGB|AGAc fecA|E2 GB dBGB|AGAc fecA| GABc dBGB|{AB}AGAc fecA|E2 GB dBGB|Aaec A3A:| K:Amin EAAB cBce|dcBd c/e/cAc|[A2e2]cA eAce|dcB^A BB^GB| EAAB cBce|dcBd c/e/cAc|fdfd ecec|1dcBc A2a2:|2 dBe^c A3c-||

HOMMAGE À OMER DUMAS. French-Canadian, Reel. A Major ('A' and 'B' parts) & A Minor ('C' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBAA'CC'. Composed by accordion player Philippe Bruneau [1] (1934-2011), in honor of violinist, fiddler and composer Omer Dumas [2] (1880-1980). Dumas, originally from Montérégie, moved to Montreal with his family at age 17, where he polished his technique, practicing as an accompanist to silent films in the city's theaters in the early 20th century. He became well-respected interpreter of light classical music as well as traditional tunes, and was able to find his way into recordings, radio, and, toward the end of his career, on TV.
Omer Dumas

His group Omer Dumas and his Ménestrels were a popular ensemble who played much traditional music and who could be heard regularly for almost thirty years on the CBC radio program Réveil rural.

Philippe Bruneau

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Recorded sources : - TP03, Yves Hélie - "Accordéonistes du Québec: Dans tous les cantons" (2006).

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