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X: 1 T:Humours of Tuamgraney, The T:Tuam Greaney Hornpipe T:Toomgraney Castle R:hornpipe D:Toma/s & Seosamh O/ Ceannabha/in: O/ Aird go hAird Z:id:hn-hornpipe-88 M:C| F: K:Ador cB|A2AB AGEG|AGAB cBcd|(3efg fa gedc|B2G2 G2cB| A2AB AGEG|AGAB cBcd|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2:| (3efg|agab ageg|agab a2ge|dega gedc|B2G2 G2 (3efg| agab ageg|agab a2ge|dega gedB|c2A2 A2 (3efg| agab ageg|agab a2ge|dega gedc|B2G2 G2cB| A2AB AGEG|AGAB cBcd|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2||

HUMOURS OF TUAMGRANEY (Pléaráca Thuaim Gréine). AKA - "Humors of Tuaimgréine." AKA and see "Biddy Mickey's," "Loch Leven Castle/Loch Lavan Castle," "Loch Gamhna," "Silver Street Lasses," "Tomgraney Castle (1)," "Tuamgraney Castle." Irish, Hornpipe. A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Tuamgraney is a place-name from east Clare. Tuaimgreine church is by Lough Derg and recent visitors to it have reported finding a video presentation on the history of the place with a soundtrack featuring fiddler Seamus Maguire playing the tune. In Scotland the same tune is played as a reel called "Loch Leven Castle." "Fitzgerald's Hornpipe (1)" is a related tune. O'Neill printed a version as "Tomgraney Castle (1)."

The "Tomgraney Castle" name for the tune originates with Francis O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, published in 1907, which included a number of tunes he collected during a visit to his wife's home in east Clare. This may be one of them. Alternatively, O'Neill may have picked it up from an older collection and renamed it from "Loch Leven Castle" to "Tomgraney Castle."

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Recorded sources : - Larraga Records MOR 1302, Mike Rafferty - "Speed 78" (2004).

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