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X:1 T:Humphrey’s Hornpipe [1] M:2/4 L:1/16 R:Hornpipe B:Saunders – New and Complete Instructor for the Violin (Boston, 1847, No. 30, p. 57) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D (3ABc|d2 (dA) BAFG|AFGE D2 (DA,)|B,DA,D B,DA,G|FGFD EFGA| d2 (dA) BAFG|AFGE D2 (DA,)|B,DA,D B,DA,G|FDEC D2:| |:FG|(A3B) (BA).F.A|(Ad)(fd) (ed)(BA)|{F}A3B A2 (dc)|BAGF F2E2| D3F (BA)(FA)|Addf edBA|(DF).F.A (Ad).d.e|faef d2:|]

HUMPHREY'S HORNPIPE [1]. American, Hornpipe. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. William Bradbury Ryan's source for the tune was probably Providence, Rhode Island, violinist and dance fiddler George Saunders' 1847 violin tutor. Ryan worked for publisher Elias Howe in Boston, Mass., and Howe is known to have published a number of tunes from Saunders' volume. "Humphrey's Hornpipe [1]" is also contained in an anonymous 1826-1859 music manuscript, probably from the state of Maine, entitled Melodist: A Collection of music in two volumes (No. 25, p. 15[1]). Entries in the ms. were from several contributors.

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Printed sources : - Ryan (Ryan's Mammoth Collection), 1883; p. 150. Saunders (New and Complete Instructor for the Violin), Boston, 1847; No. 30, p. 57.

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